The courtesy of an RSVP please.

Not sure what has happened to the simple act of replying and responding to event invitations in this world. It does not matter if it’s my non-profit charity banquet fund raising gala, a cul-de-sac BBQ, my 5 and 6-year old tae kwon do and skatepark birthday parties or a simple voicemail request wondering, “are you coming or not”.

I have always been taught (and still practice today) common courtesy. There’s a ton of time, effort and, most importantly money, that go into planning events of every size. Yes, I understand everyone is busy. But someone thought highly enough of you to invite you in the first place, so you should at least extend the favor of a reply. Is this crazy??

I will admit that online e-vites tend to get responses and it’s a bit easier to send reminders electronically than via snail mail. Maybe people feel more compelled to respond since often times all invitees can see who is coming, considering or declining the invitation. Peer pressure sets in. Maybe I need to do more inviting online, but to me it seems so less personal.

Really people. Please RSVP for heaven’s sake. It doesn’t take much and small things make a big difference. Yes or no. Your friends and family are counting on you.