Random acts of kindness

Think about this. You hit the Starbuck’s drive thru window on a dreary, rainy cold day on the way into work. You can’t find your gift card, you are fresh out of cash and are now contemplating doing the drive thru bolt. All you want is a java jolt.  Oh well, there’s always Visa. But at the window, the barista reports that the VW bug that was right in front of you left a $20 bill for a $6 latte and said use the balance to pay it forward for the car behind me. Some stranger just made your day.

In today’s crazy, frantic, hustle-bustle society, sometimes even stopping or slowing down to hold the door for someone can be viewed as going out of your way. That’s nonsense, but very true. Maybe it’s an atta-boy email. An unexpected hug. A hand written thank you note. Flashing your brights so the semi-truck in front of you knows that it is ok to move back over into your lane.

Little things mean a lot. Try a random act of kindness once a day…it keeps the optimism in play!