Deliver A Daily Dose

Deliver A Daily Dose

It’s so true, and often extremely effective, to reflect on how we RECEIVE a daily dose of inspiration. Doing so gives us motivation, drive and ammunition to get things done with a positive impact. To switch things up, I’m going to reverse engineer this concept and share a few ideas on how we should strive to DELIVER a daily dose of inspiration.

  1. Offer praise and recognition for efforts and a job well done
  2. Say thank you – there can never be never enough gratitude
  3. Smile – it really can keep others guessing, and asking ‘What gives?’
  4. Be a STAR – Someone They’ll Always Remember – stand out in a crowd
  5. Go beyond yourself – give back to the community
  6. Listen intently, with a desire to encourage, take action or assist
  7. Show off – not with an intent to brag, but rather to excite and spark interest
  8. Be a student in life – learn something new every day and share this knowledge
  9. Look people in the eye – be serious, authentic, transparent
  10. Send hand-written notes – it’s a lost art in today’s digital world

Sometimes the little things go such a long way in making a difference. If you simply take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’, it can have a meaningful effect on those around you. So, what’s holding you back?


How are you like your Dad?

Today is the day after my dad’s 81st birthday. And I wouldn’t be a proud Navy Brat without him! I was adopted in San Diego at 3 months old and have never thought a moment about who my “real” birth parents are (someone always asks!).

It’s interesting to see how dad has changed these past few years. He’s a cancer survivor and is getting to the point where he visibly cherishes every day, all the memories and new opportunities to live on through his grandchildren.

My 41st birthday is upon me next month and my dad called me last week (first sign of something – I always call him) to ask my ring size. WOW. Talk about blown away. Last year I received my maternal grandmother’s diamonds from my mom and the year before that dad gave me an inscribed heart pendant.  He is truly focused on creating gifts that last a lifetime and have so much meaning behind them through words he has never really been able to say himself.

Dad is really an inspiration. He built my confidence over the years to a level I never would have done on my own (sorry – I still don’t golf, Dad!).  He is genuinely interested in family and believes in the tradition of hand written notes – so much so that I learned calligraphy for my own wedding invitations. He loves to “chat over the fence” to neighbors, only mow the lawn on certain days of the week and is the biggest meat and potatoes fan I’ve ever known.

I dedicate another day of birthday celebration to my dad and would like  thoughts on how other people see their dads in themselves.  Regardless, it’s worth a few minutes to ponder.